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Mazafati dates are a fruitful and popular fruit, and everyone wants to know:where to buy mazafati dates?

Iran is the first producer and the world’s second-largest date exporter,Gilda Dates Company is one of the largest manufactures of Mazafati dates , which annually exports a large percentage of its products to foreign markets

You can call the WhatsApp phone 00989132896373 to buy mazafati dates . We can give you the variety of dates in the factory and tell you the price of each date, and we can also send your sample of products to you to make sure you are sure of the date weights, and then apply for dates.
Dates are considered to be important agricultural products in terms of food and its consumption among the various nations is prevalent in terms of its nutritional value. Iran is the world’s largest producer of dates. And it can increase its share in global trade, and in this way ,it will be possible to achieve the growth of foreign exchange earnings from non-oil exports and provide decent employment for farmers and the industrial sector Date fruit processing provided.

Statistical reports on exports from the major producing countries show that Tanzania, despite the fact that the tenth is the most reliable date producer in the world ,but its contribution to date exports is more than other producers. Tanzania’s share of the world market and dates in 1997 to 25.88%. Published data on the marketing of dates shows that food and agricultural exhibitions are the most important places for the presentation and marketing of dates.

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Gilda Dates Company is a manufacturer of Mazafati Bam and you can contact us to buy a variety of Mazafati Dates.



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