Semi dry mazafati

Semi-dry Mazafati dates are one of the best varieties of dates which is  produced in Iran and has a favorable commercial value. As we know, dates are divided into three categories according to their moisture content. Semi-dry dates have a moderate moisture, and they have a high level of maneuverability compared to fresh dates.

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Semi-dry date varieties

Are you familiar with a variety of semi-dry dates?

Semi-dry dates are cultivated in different parts of the country .One of the most popular types of semi-dry dates of the country is

Mazafati Date: The Mazafati’s date is black , shiny, thin and smooth .The Mazafati Bam skin is easily detachable. Mazafati Date of Bam has too much sap. To distinguish the quality of these dates ,act as if the amount of juice of a date is higher ,The quality and degree of those dates are also higher. The weight of each date box of Mazafati of Bam is more than 10 Kg due to its high sap.

Rabbi dates : This date fruit is native to Sistan and Baluchestan province. It has a stretched appearance and a large size ,and the color of this date inclined to black and it is bright. Rabbi dates also known as Pakistani dates.

Piaram dates: The most well-known varieties of dates  are known in the world. Haji Abad town in Hormozgan province nurtures the best of its dates.

Estemaran dates: One of the best varieties of dates harvested in Khozestan province. This figure has a stretched appearance and its color is light brown .The colonial dates have a good commercial value.

Kabkab dates: These dates are cultivated in different parts of the country .and the best quality is related to Khozestan province . Kabkab dates are also consumed in the rotab stage . Kabkab dates are in thick ,brownish- colored skin.



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