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Date palm in the food pyramid are important and have a high nutritional value . Dates production is an important part of economic revenues of many countries . The countries of Iraq, Saudi Arabia , Iran and ….are among the most important producers and exporters of dates in the world. In addition to dates , all varieties of palm tree pieces are also used , for example, from its branches in the manufacture of various types of baskets ,linen ,mattresses and other appliances .Leaf , wood and palm trucks are used in the wood and chipboard industry , which , if used scientifically and industrially , can be used in economic development and prosperity .Today , many food pharmaceutical and industrial uses of date fruit  are consumed in the food basket of many families ,so that the annual date in the world is estimated at 3,000,000,000.
Dates for breakfast
Because the brain food is pure  glucose ,and glucose is present in natural sweets such as dates ,honey and grapes , it is very suitable for proper human brain and brain activity to be performed during the day . No disturbance in  the nerve hernia occurs. Take  breakfast , dates , honey or other sweets

The nutritional value of  Dates

Dates in the pyramid are very  important and have a high nutritional value , so that it can be said that the date fruit is both food and medicine and storage , and can save it for more than one year  without that it loses its nutritional value. Dates and palm trees are like minerals that can be used to make a variety of food and medicine. dates medjool are the best food for the warm and desert areas, both because of the despair and because it quickly replaces the salts and the materials lost and provides the necessary energy for the activity . On the other hand ,based on research , dates are the most complete food because they contain almost all vitamins and minerals , AECD vitamins and B group vitamins in the date.
Also , dates medjool  include protein ,fat ,carbohydrate ,magnesium ,calcium ,iron ,phosphorus , chlorine ,iodine and carotene, and amine acids in different proportions. So you can say there are no fruits and foods that contain all of the ingredients. The latest research done in Germany describes the amount of vitamins and ingredients contained in 100 grams of dates as follow:
Properties of dates

Dates enhance the immune system ,thus preventing many diseases .
An important source of energy is the body, because it has a lot of fructose glucose –fructose .
Dates are foods of the brain and nerve cells , because they contain glucose and phosphorus , and cause vitality .
Consistent use of it leads to anemia ,because it has a lot of iron.
Treats the nicotine because it contains vitamin A and moisturizes the eyes.
Prevent cancer by containing magnesium.
It strengthens the bones and teeth because it contains vitamins D and phosphorus ,which causes calcium absorption .
Intestinal cleansing and repellent of toxins.
Fatigue and cardiac disorders.
Preventing a modest analysis of their volume .
It is useful for indigestion and respiratory distress(asthma).
It is useful to think and boost memory.
Due  to the B group vitamins, they can relieve stress ,anxiety and anger.
Dates put off the being old.
Prevents hair loss , cracking the lips , nail fractures ,paralysis and liver disease .
Fatigue removal ,loss of appetite ,as it quickly absorbs the substance to the body.

Date fruit  and children
In the brain of children , there is the substance of cirutin, which makes it relaxed , and  lack of  it causes anxiety ,sleepiness , which eliminates this deficiency  by eating the dates or leaves ,and relaxes the children .
Increases the weight of children and eliminates their weakness (dates + fenugreek)
Increases memory and brain activity of children and has a positive impact on learning .Palms trees are like mines that can be used to make a variety of food and medicine.




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