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Increases memory and brain activity of children and has a positive impact on learning .Date palms trees are like mines that can be used to make a variety of food and medicine.
When someone goes to  the south and tropical of Iran can  smell the Date palm groves and Date palm trees .  The date product which is native to Iran ,one of the most having high calories and the most delicious fruits and food which has high nutritional value , there for it displays the highest agricultural strategic of Iran .Exporting dates to Gulf states ,,Europe and United States, in addition to being important in providing currency revenues for our country, can greatly contribute to the development of agriculture in our society.
Considering the fact that knowing the qualities of dates   , this strategic product, will be a great  help for better profit . Dates are one of the plants cultivated in the prehistoric period by indigenous people . It has been the most important source of human nutrition for centuries .The emergence of dates in the world begins with the second period of geology , however when I discovered the civilized people and its nutritional value and began planting the exploitation and promoting it to 6,000BC.
Due to the great nutritional value of dates ,it has been recommended to humans to use this foodstuff in heavenly books such as Gospel and Holy Quran ,as well as in the valuable  prophets speeches . In the ancient legends of holy and religious Date palm trees shows the life and profit which  have been introduced . Dates as a very tasty food with fatty protein content.
sugar water vitamins.
3calcim phosphate is a high quality potassium of Iran and juice .
Currently , the world most Date palms are the Mesoptamia and Khuzestan plain . Date palms cultivation in Kerman province , which produces the best dates for the mazafati has also expanded , and currently about25 percent of Iran’s capital is produced  in Kerman province.
Iran’s exports to 52 countries are exported according to Iran’ agricultural export power accounts for about 30% of the country’s dates production.
Central Asian countries East Asia North America and the Gulf have been placed in order of Iranian dates  purchasers. Iranian dates are considered to be the taste and flavor of consumers around the world and can be one of the main sources of income in agriculture. Iran is still able to maintain its position as the world’s largest producer and exporter of dates.




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