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Likewise DEYRI, this date is considered a dried one. However, it is regarded as semi-dried in some parts of the country. It is called GHASB in some regions.

It is widely cultivated in many date-growing regions in Iran such as KHUZESTAN, FARS, BUSHEHR and KERMANSHAH. It is noteworthy that it is under intensive cultivation in POSHTKOOH region in BUSHEHR. The color of this fruit changes in different stages of its development; it is yellow in its early stages or when unripe (called KHARAK), light brown in its mid stages (called ROTAB), and reddish brown to light yellow in its late stages or when ripe. ZAHEDI or ZOHDI means abundance and inexpensive in the Arabic language. This date is the principal export in Iraq.

It is oval-shaped and tapering. It is of high quality and keeps very well. It is easy to transfer and is exported. Having high sugar content, this date is for industrial use utilized for producing alcohol and vinegar.


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The ratio of the flesh to the seed of ZAHEDI date is 6.35. The seed of ZAHEDI is oval and it is brown. The seed is not deeply attached to the flesh and its early stage of growth (KHARAK) is mid August and its full growth is mid September. The date cap (perianth) is not deeply attached to the date. This type of date is almost grown in all date-growing regions. This type of date is classed as the dried date which ripens late with a high rating of falling off palm trees. This date is cultivated in BORAZJAN, KAZEROON, FIROOZABAD, BOUSHEHR, JAHROM, LAR, AHWAZ, KHORAMSHAHR as well as Iraq and America.


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