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Zahedi or Zahdi means abundant and cheap in Arabic.
Zahedi dates from dry dates. In some areas, it is semi-arid. It has been named as a Ghasb in some parts of the country. In many parts of the country, especially in Khuzestan, Fars, Boushehr and Kermanshah Province, it is cultivated on a large scale especially in Poshte Kouh area in boushehr.
Zahedi dates In the process of growth, first is in the form of a yellowish tart, then a bright brown rumble and a reddish yellow to pale yellow brown coloration phase. Some types of Zahedi is elliptical and its ends are quite thin and sharp.
It is one of the most important and exportable things in Iraq.
Due to its high sugar content, these dates also come from industrial cultivars, especially for the production of alcohol and vinegar. The ratio of Zahedi date meat to the core is 6.35 mg.
The adhesion of the warhead to the fruit is moderate. Zahedi dates are categorized as dry dates, and the digit is late and the amount of it is high.
Zahedi date palm, oval, brownish color, kernel adhesion to medium fruits and reaching Kharak by the end of September, but harvesting of fully-fruited fruits is done in late September.

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The ratio of the flesh to the seed of ZAHEDI date is 6.35. The seed of ZAHEDI is oval and it is brown. The seed is not deeply attached to the flesh and its early stage of growth (KHARAK) is mid August and its full growth is mid September. The date cap (perianth) is not deeply attached to the date. This type of date is almost grown in all date-growing regions. This type of date is classed as the dried date which ripens late with a high rating of falling off palm trees. This date is cultivated in BORAZJAN, KAZEROON, FIROOZABAD, BOUSHEHR, JAHROM, LAR, AHWAZ, KHORAMSHAHR as well as Iraq and America.




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