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Due to Piarom dates is the highest nutritional value, considered the most desirable date of the world and in southern Iran are cultivated. With the start of the heat season, picking dates from the palm groves begins.
Considering quality is a valuable commodity to international trade such that has been able to capture the attention of the world's markets. The thin, dark brown color of the dates, with its flesh and skin sticking perfectly together, has a beautiful appearance, its moisture content is low and its Semi-cultivar figures are considered.

Piarom date,Piarum date

 The thin skin of this date is dark brown. Since the seed and flesh are tightly attached, it has an attractive appearance which can be rinsed completely. And, as fructose is the predominant sugar in this type of date, it is easily and quickly consumed in metabolism of the body. Accordingly, it is recommended to the people suffering from diabetes.  Due to its pleasant taste and tempting appearance coupled with its other unique characteristics, it is undoubtedly known as the most important and most renowned date grown in northern HORMOZGAN province. This type is cultivated in HASSANABAD in KAZEROON, around DARAB, HAJIABAD, KERMAN and BANDARABBAS.  The percentage of moisture in it is low, therefore, it is known as semi-dried. It ripens late and has high quality. In addition, it sells well.



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