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The date palm is one of the most sacred and oldest fruit trees known to mankind. It was 6000 B.C. when human realized the nutritious value of the date and started cultivating it.

 Chips dates have a high nutritional value which can be used by diabetic patients. It keeps really well and is seedless.  

 Date chips can be eaten with tea instead of sugar and can be used as an excellent ingredient for baking assorted types of cakes and foods (lentil rice). It is rich in vitamin and minerals. It can be a good sugar substitute at tea time.

 The nutritional value of 100 grams of date chips is as follows:  %20 to %50 of protein; 50 milligrams of phosphor; 89 milligrams of magnesium; 0.6 milligrams of vitamin B2; 0.03 milligrams of vitamin B1; 6 milligrams of iron; and 2 milligrams of vitamin C.


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