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Influence of fresh date fruit co-products on the ripening of a paprika added dry-cured sausage model system

Date palm co-products are a source of bioactive compounds that could be used as a new ingredient for the meat industry. An intermediate food product (IFP) from date palm co-products (5%) was incorporated into a paprika added dry-cured sausage (PADS) model system and was analysed for physicochemical parameters, lipid oxida- tion and sensory attributes during ripening.Addition of 5% IFPyielded a product with physicochemicalproperties similar to the traditional one. Instrumental colour differences were found, but were not detected visually by panellists, who also evaluated positively the sensory properties of the PADS with IFP. Therefore, the IFP from date palm co-products could be used as a natural ingredient in the formulation of PADS.

Incorporation of 5% fresh date fruit co-products into a paprika added dry-cured sausage did not affect the ripening process, giving a fi nal product with similar physicochemical and sensory characteristics to the traditional one. The only signi fi cant differences were detected at the end of processing in the instrumental colour and level of oxida- tion according to the TBARS method, but not by the Rancimat assay. Thus, the addition of the IFP may contribute to the desirable oxidation in this type of dry-cured product. More research is needed to fi nd the most suitable concentration and to evaluate more parameters andinter- actions related with lipid stability




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