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Oil, white flour (400 grams each)

Sugar powder (350 grams)

Eggs (4)

Grated lemon skin and vanilla (half a tea spoon each)

Baking powder (2 tea spoons)

Powdered milk (200 grams)

Pounded date (100 grams)

Baking procedure

Stir butter or oil along with sugar powder so that they become creamy. Add vanilla, lemon skin and eggs and keep stirring. Sieve dry materials and add to this liquid and stir well. Put the dough in a plastic bag and keep it in a cool place for one hour. Then, rub the dough a little so that it softens. Put some of the white dough on the table and roll it out. After that, place pounded dates on the dough at a distance from each other. Next, fold the dough. Dice the dough or cut with a knife as you wish and put it in the oven. One can design the top with the blade of knife or the tip of fork. Finally, keep it in the oven for 35 minutes at the temperature of 175 degrees of centigrade, and then serve.

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