Reviewed by Wilson Manyfingers Everyone eats food, and many eat food that is not good for their health. One’s moods, sleep, attention, and focus all depend on eating foods that are healthy for your body, your brain, and your vital organs. Knowing that people in the United States, Canada, and virtually every other country in the world tend to “eat what is in front of them.” Leslie Korn (Clinical Director at the Center for Traditional Medicine) has a simple solution to improve and secure their health: “Eat Right, Feel Right.” In other words one doesn’t need to ask a nutritionist, or a physician how to remain or become healthy—just listen to your body.

If you “feel right” then you are probably eating “right.” In her handy, wire-bound booklet of 192 pages, Korn packs eighty simple recipes for teas, smoothies, soups, quiche’s and even a gluten- free apple/hazelnut tart. Selecting “clean food” is part of Korn’s prescription. Many foods are processed with chemicals, added hormones, and other extraneous ingredients. But, Dr. Korn emphasizes that the best approach is to turn to foods that are minimally processed and above all “clean.” In this colorfully-organized booklet about “food as medicine,” she points to particular recipes or combinations of foods that reduce or eliminate anxiety, depression, insomnia, attention/focus deficits, and addictions.

Examples include a Cherry Chamomile Slumber Smoothie, or a Broccoli Slaw with Cherries. For breakfast or dinner, you might turn to Leslie’s “Go-To” Granola that features pecans, almonds, walnuts, gluten free oatmeal, extra virgin coconut oil, and assorted raw additions including organic raisins, chia seeds, chopped dates, shredded coconut, chocolate, and dried candied ginger. One ought not miss Dr. Korn’s “Indonesian Avocado Chocolate ‘Moodshake’” – a variation she says on a traditional Indonesian drink – or the “Less-Stress Sweet Vegetable and Meat Stew,” a natural slow cooker candidate for dinner. What is noticeable about these and the many other recipes is that ingredients are unadulterated and organic.




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