Is dates good for liver?

The palm fruit has vital ingredients and its nutritional value is essential for fiber and minerals. Phenolic compounds in palm extract such as flavonoids, anthocyanins and phenolic acids, and C elements such as selenium, copper, zinc, manganese and vitamin, can promote liver protection against oxidative degradation. The results show that antioxidant activity and date extract inhibit lipid peroxide and protein oxidation, resulting in the destruction of superoxide and hydroxyl radicals (108).

Dates, in addition to the high energy content, can be used to treat many heart diseases, cancers, diabetes due to the presence of various antioxidant and phenolic compounds as well as compounds such as carbohydrates, fatty acids, mineral compounds, vitamins and fiber. , be effective. The tremendous advances made in recent years in various sciences, especially the empirical sciences, reveal some of the mysteries of creation. One of these advances is the identification of various compounds in cultivated plants such as dates and the evolution of the metabolic pathways of these compounds. If these results are verified by Quranic and Islamic narratives, the Qur'an's miraculous aspects will be revealed more and more.



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