Can you eat dates with diabetes?

Diabetes is one of the metabolic abnormalities in the body, which reduces the ability of the body to metabolize glucose, resulting in hyperglycemia. Treatment for diabetics is not effective in many patients with insulin and in reducing sugar.

Oxidative stress is a pathogenic factor in diabetic nephropathy. Studies show that in diabetic patients, levels of anion superoxide, 8-hydroxy-2-dioxygenosein, lipid peroxidation, protein oxidation increased and antioxidant enzymes activity decreased.

Reducing free radicals such as oxygen and nitrogen reactive intermediates has effective effects on the prevention of infectious agents.

The alcoholic extract of the palm leaf contains glycolic acid and because of its ability to have catechins and polyphenolic compounds, it can act as antioxidants, which leads to inhibitory oxidative stress. Also, studies have shown that leaf extract of leaves is better. Dates prevent lipid oxidation



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