This is a picture of Mazafati date
This is a picture of Mazafati date

Yes, eating dates is very effective in slimming and losing weight
Due to the richness of vitamins and minerals, and soluble and insoluble fibers, palm fruit makes the sauce feel and prevent overeating.

It has a laxative effect: It cures constipation. It keeps the digestive system healthy and increases the metabolic process. This results in weight loss.

Digestive stimulation: The date contains nicotine that cures digestive and intestinal problems. Increases the beneficial bacteria and destroys the harmful bacteria. By improving the function of the digestive system, it causes weight loss.

Low-calorie and energy-rich: Natural sugars such as fructose and glucose provide the body's energy.

It's free from cholesterol and trans fat: these two factors cause weight gain. The dates are fat-free and nutritious, but reduce calories.


Eliminates excessive drowsiness: Datelessness, unlike heavy foods that cause drowsiness, creates a feeling of vitality and energy, so you stay active and reduce your weight



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