Diligent dates for weight gain

Although the date is rich in fiber, calories and a fairly large energy density - and it can lead to unprecedented weight gain. The dates contain 2.8 calories per gram - which means that the food has an average energy density and can lead to weight gain.


Hypercalemia is a type of discomfort in which potassium is extremely high. Dates are a rich source of potassium, and consuming a large number of it can lead to this discomfort. So if your blood potassium is high, avoid dipping it. And avoid eating too much.

The ideal blood potassium level is between 3.6 and 5.2 milligrams per liter. Potassium levels above 7 milliules per liter can be dangerous and require immediate medical intervention.

Harmful wounds

Like other fruits (including apples), even dates are often waxy. The fruits are often waxy to look better and have a brilliant appearance - so they last a long time and retain their new look. Palm shine is usually due to the addition of oily waxes or chemical sprays, both of which in the long run lead to severe digestive problems.

Unhealthy for babies

The dates for overweight and overweight babies. It's hard for them to chew, and since their intestines are evolving, they may not be able to easily digest the date. This can lead to difficulties and problems. In fact, it may even block the baby's baby's date and cause her choking - so please be very careful.

Keep dates away from children, at least until they get a little bigger.

Creating fructose intolerance

A natural cookie is due to fructose (at least in part). Individuals suffer from fructose digestion problems, which can lead to discomfort called fructose intolerance. Sugar is not absorbed properly, which makes your digestive system healthy and intact (because the body is not able to break it down). This may ultimately lead to gas production in the stomach and abdominal pain, as sugar begins to react with the natural intestinal bacteria.

These are related to the side effects of taking the date. However, there are two areas in which we need more clarity.
Dates Effects on Blood Glucose and Dental Health

First, blood glucose levels.

Dates are thought to affect the level of blood sugar, due to its sweet taste. However, no coherent research has been done to confirm this. Certain studies have shown that, unlike dates, it can lower blood sugar levels and even help with diabetes! This is probably due to the fact that although the date contains natural sugars, it has a low glycemic index, and therefore may not pose a risk.

There is also no significant study of the effect that dates have had on the health of teeth.

However, in such cases, be sure to consult your doctor.

And in the case of pregnancy and lactation, the date is considered a healthy choice. One study shows that eating dates during the last 4 weeks before giving birth leads to more favorable births. But in that case, make sure you do not use more than the recommended amount of date - because you do not know what will happen in such a situation.


The material mentioned does not mean that you should stop having to stop having a date. Habib's side effects occur when you fall in love with the date and take too much of this fruit (more than 10 times a day). So, keep it in control. Maybe it's not bad to give some other fruits too!



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