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Date chips
nutrition values and reception for home-made chopped dates (Dates chips)

Dates cures lot of discomforts and diseases. Chopped Dates have high nutritional value and is good for all age groups.
The palm tree is one of the most sacred, oldest fruits of the fruit known to humans, but the humans only found out about the value, nutrition and planting the tree in six thousand years BC.
Chopped Dates have high nutritional value and diabetic patients who are suffering from sugar can use this product. Chopped dates have high shelf life and no pits.
chopped dates are suitable for use with tea instead of sugar and to cook all kinds of cakes and foods (lentils), and rich in vitamins, salts. An alternative to sugar to use with tea.

The nutritional value of 100 grams of chopped Dates
Dry dates have less moisture content and, as a result, remain fresh longer, while the shelf life of fresh dates is less than 8 to 10 months.

The protein in 100 grams of chips is 20-50 percent, contains 50 mg of phosphorus and 89 mg of magnesium, contains 6 /. Mg of vitamins B2 and 3. /. Mg of vitamin B

1 and the amount of iron and vitamin C, 100 g of chips of date is 2 to 6 mg.
How to cook homemade Chopped Dates.

Separate some dry (no sap) dates that are washed and completely dried out from the core, with scissors cut into small pieces and squeezed in a very small amount of sugar and about a glass of flour.

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