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Dates are very useful fruits, which ,despite its many benefits, are not to be found in the family’s daily diet plan .food is one of the most consumable food that is placed on the eftar table during the holy month of Ramadan.

The palm tree is a very old plant, whose name is repeated 42 times in the Holy Quran , or Muslims regard it as parasite fruits .In the faith of Christ , the date palm leaves symbolize the martyrs who died in the path of  the faith of Christ . An Arabic proverb says the palm tree’s properties are as good as days of the year.

Some properties of Iran date fruits

Dates can inhibit free radicals from molecular degradation and mutation caused by these radicals.

New research confirms the benefits of putting fruit dates on a daily diet . Basically , a proper diet that includes all kinds of fruits and vegetable is accepted as a way to reduce the risk of developing disease such as cancer.

Dates area well-known method for treating cancer and other infectious diseases.

The cause of many low numbers of people inhibited in the Arabian Peninsula during that period is the consumption of many dates in disease such as atherosclerosis , diabetes and cancer , which are believed to be caused by free radicals . The ingredients in the date can completely destroy superoxide radicals . It should be noted that these radicals , the most important free radicals in most biological systems , can be active in the body , such as radical hydroxyl , proxyl. Alkocil Palm sap even destroys hydroxyl radicals.

Palm date is very valuable because of its sweet fruit .This plant is one of the oldest planted trees. This tropical tree is at least 8,000 years old and has high fruit in North Africa , so that in each cluster of 200 seeds are produced. The fresh date of Iran are divided into three categories in terms of moisture: Soft date , dry dates and semi-arid dates . Most of the varieties that are obtained in the United States are  semi-soft ,which are available after evaporation of some of their moisture as fresh dates and dry dates . Dates are one of the sweetest fruits because it forms 60 to 70 percent sugar . One and a half scale of the date fruit (about 12 average dates) has about 375calories ,which is a bit more calories than other fruits.

   Dates have a lot of potassium .12 dates have 65 mg of potassium ,which is more than the other fruits , such as banana and Portugal. Also, 12 dates fruits provide 6% or even more than the recommended diet of adults, which include Iran niacin, vitamin B6 ,and 2 grams of vegetable fiber. But you must know that the date fruit is somewhat lacking in vitamin3.

The dates contain  tyramine , which is an organic compound in old cheese and some supplied processed meat and the other products.

People who take MEO drugs to treat blood pressure and depression should not eat dates because they affect tyramine .In addition, the substance is used by some agents migraine headaches are considered. After eating the dates , you must brush your teeth . Not only dry dates ,but also fresh dates are very sticky ,and since the amount of sugar in the date  is very high , if the particles stick to the teeth , they can corrode the teeth .




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