Bam dates iran

Dates of Mazafati Bam is one of Iranian date products. Due to high moisture ,this type of date fruit is not considered  to  be a dry matter and its storage conditions are in the range of -5 to 5 ^C .  The black skin is shiny ,thin  and smooth .The  Mazafati bare skin is easily detachable . Mazafati Date sap is too much. T o distinguish the quality of these dates ,act as if the amount of juice of the date is higher ,the quality and the degree of those dates are also higher .The weight of each date box of the Mazafati is more than 10 kg due to its high sap.

Mazafati dates are beneficial for the treatment of diarrhea due to high potassium . The point to be taken into account when using dates is that they should be washed well before use . Because it is sticky due to the presence of sap placed on the skin and absorbs any kind of contamination.

What is the difference between ruttab and date ? The dates  take four steps to complete .The third stage is called ruttab ,in which case the moisture content of the product is lower and its sugar content is lower

Bam dates iran



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