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Gilada Date is one of the largest mazafati dates suppliers ,Mazafati dates (rotab mazafati bam) ,with  best quality for export .To buy  Mazafati dates straight from factory and to get the price , be in contact with these what's up number: 00989132896373

  Mazafati Date has high syrup when it is fresher ,it is Mazafati Rotab .First ,the bloom of the tree is converted into green ,firm and nucleated fruit , which is called a tribal or coniferous. This fruit after the roast stage ,20 days should stay in the heat of palm trees in the tropics on the palm to get half dried ,called those dates .Dates of Mazafati  (the best quality in the world)

 This date might be considered as one of the most palatable and delicious dates worldwide particularly since it is eaten in its mid stage of growth (ROTAB). Almost anyone finds this date tasty. Having a flattering black color, this type of date has a moistness ranging from %15 to %35 according to the harvest time and the cultivation place. The seed size ranges from 5.2 to 4.5 centimeters


 Secondary to ESTAMARAN and SHAHANI dates, this type of date generates substantial economic revenue for Iran. This type of date has been cultivated throughout the country. This type of date is indigenous to BAM in KERMAN-Iran.

 Mazafati dates, native to BAM, is regarded as the leading in the domestic market in Iran. This date is grown in the township of BAM in KERMAN province. This date is of high quality moist and semi-moist date ranging from dark red to black. Its major home market is Tehran province. Recently, the export of this date has been taken into consideration. Construction of refrigerating chambers in the regions where it is grown can contribute to the increase in production of this crop.

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 Other products of dates are: Zahedi dates, Piarom dates, date paste , and chopped dates.

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 Production and sale of  iranian dates fresh and  fresh Mazafati dates

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Mazafati Rotab is one of the best products that are produced in warm and dry regions of Iran.

Variety and high quality as well as reasonable price of Iran has caused various kinds of raw materials produced in Iran to be popular in the world and to increase the export value of these high quality date palm..

In Iran ,more than 100 different types of this product are produced ,some of which are very popular ,and in many Asian and European countries, there are many fans and buyers.

One of the most popular exporting items in Iran can be mentioned as Mazafati.




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Although the product is known worldwide in the name of Bam, it is also produced in many other parts of Iran ,including Sistan and Baluchestan.

In recent years, with the recognition of this product in the world ,its exports have grown dramatically.
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be in contact with these what's up number: 00989132896373





mazafati dates buy
mazafati dates buy
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mazafati dates bam
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mazafati dates suppliers

Iran dates , Iran date fruit

AtiyeArg-e Atbin co with Gilda brand is one of the biggest date producer and exporter companies in Iran

It has experience of exporting date to Malaysia, Turkey and Russia. In order to receive list of date for export or our consulting services, please contact us. Gilda as a date company and regarding to its several years experience of exporting can be a guide to export date to your country.

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Gilda dates company which produces different types of Mazafati dates, Rabbi, chopped dates, date paste, etc. sells its products in bulk to in france, Japan, spain, uk, india, english. Gilda dates are packed in cartoons of 600, 700, and 800 grams. But if the customers have a special order for packaging of dates, we pack and sell the dates the same way they want. Bulk dates sales take place by the best dates brand in iran.

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